We’re still smiling

“Every single carer that has come along on this trip today, has said to me they had actually forgotten about their caring role. has been a fantastic success” – Tracy
See the Give Us a Break slideshow – courtesy of the Guardian

And they’ve all gone home…

The third and final day of the pilot Give Us a Break project is over and our carers have gone home to Southampton. The blog hasn’t been updated for a few days, as we were busy caring for the carers, making them “feel like royalty” according to one.

It’s time to care for Carers


20 carers are coming from Hampshire to London for 2 nights from Tuesday 28 June as part of a pilot project offering short breaks to unpaid carers.

“It’s a full time job. I’m on call 24 hours a day. A break will give me the chance to breathe.” – Digby, Carer

One week to go….

Carers Week 2011 was a huge success and there was some fantastic coverage about the many issues facing carers. This round up of the week (with a social media slant) from SocietyGuardian features two videos produced by our sister organisation .  Carers Week might be over but we need to continue to keep […]

Carers Week 2011: The Art of Conversation

Happy Carers Week 2011.  There seems to be more buzz and coverage then I’ve ever seen before. This week is all about bringing stories to life and giving a voice to stories that we so rarely hear.  It also is an opportunity to read about new projects and initiatives being developed to help make carers […]

Where can a carer go?

Finding good affordable places to go is not easy for carers, but there are many organisations in the UK working to make it easier

Why carers? Ask Sue and Audrey

If you were wondering why our first project is about carers, I think Sue and Audrey can give you a clue. Our sister organisation, sounddelivery, has been working with Carers UK to give us an insight into the lives of carers.

Eastenders’ Dot faces reality as a carer

Dot Branning has been caring for her husband Jim for years, but it was last night that Eastenders showed us what caring can be like. This moving episode focussed squarely on Dot as she realises that even the most seemingly simple thing, such as getting golden syrup for pudding, is beyond her reach. It is […]