It’s time to care for Carers


Short Break in London to provide ‘lifeline’ to Hampshire Carers

20 carers are coming from Hampshire  to London for 2 nights from the 28 June as part of a pilot project offering short breaks to unpaid carers.

The initiative, called Give Us a Break, aims to ease the burden of caring by providing a few days away from day-to-day responsibilities, as well as ongoing support over the phone and online.

It’s a full time job. I’m on call 24 hours a day. A break will give me the chance to breathe.

Digby, Carer

The carers have been offered a free two-night stay in London including accommodation in a home-away-from home environment through the London Bed and Breakfast Agency. Transport costs are included. Extra treats have been kindly offered by businesses in London including tickets to a West End musical, a trip on the London Eye, beauty treatments and afternoon tea in a top London Hotel.

84% of this group are full-time carers, with the remainder worrying constantly even when they are not caring.  One out of three of them have not had a break for a year and several of the carers have never had a break. All believe that a break of this kind would be “extremely beneficial” wanting to feel relaxed, released and supported.

Their caring roles may differ as they care for a parent, husband, wife, disabled child or friend but ultimately their needs are the same as they each hope to have a real opportunity to rest, recuperate, relax and take time out for themselves and enjoy some of what London has to offer.

Darren’s caring story sums up the reason why an initiative like Give Us a Break is so important. When asked how caring has impacted on his life he replied:

“It has stopped me from living my life in the way I would like.”

In the UK one in eight adults are currently carers and this figure is set to rise. Unpaid carers save the UK economy £119 billion a year, outstripping the £98.8 billion annual cost of the entire NHS. Carers typically receive £1.58 per hour in benefits, often their only source of income. (source Valuing Carers 20011 Carers UK and the University of Leeds)

Give Us a Break has been developed by soundinnovation in partnership with the Hampshire charity, Carers Together

For more information and interviews for Give Us a Break please contact:
Jude Habib:  020 7993 6340   07803 721 481