Carers Week 2011: The Art of Conversation

Happy Carers Week 2011.  There seems to be more buzz and coverage then I’ve ever seen before. This week is all about bringing stories to life and giving a voice to stories that we so rarely hear.  It also is an opportunity to read about new projects and initiatives being developed to help make carers lives that bit easier. Our pilot project Give Us a Break is one example.

Last week I worked from home and at the end of my working day I went shopping to my local supermarket.  As I was chatting away to the person at the checkout I realised I  hadn’t spoken to a soul all day. This situation reminded me of a story I once heard from a carer who was looking after her husband who had had a stroke.  She told me the only conversation she might have in a day was when she went to the supermarket.

Many of us take these small things for granted.  But as Carers Week 2011 gets up and running we will  get to hear more stories like this and also a chance for people who might not see themselves as carers to self identify.  I was really interested to read that Sainsbury’s staff are being recruited to locate ‘hidden’ carers.  As an interesting initiative – it would be good to hear what you think.