Bank holiday for some…

Bank holiday weekend begins here. But for the 6 million carers in the UK, there is no stopping. Their work is 24/7, even part-time carers deal with the constant worry and stress.

“I’m never able to sort out my own problems… I’m always helping to sort out their problems. Never being able to relax, always waiting for next thing to happen.”

– Kim, Southampton

Kim will be coming to London on June 28th as part of our pilot project.

She clearly needs to have a break, some time for herself. But she also needs to be able to leave her family in good hands, or her break will be as full of worry as her day to day life. The two things go hand in hand.

The new campaign by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers wants Primary Care Trusts to devote more resources to respite in its entirety, lend your support here. Meanwhile, our own project will do its utmost to give these carers a break to remember.