How we work

Every soundinnovation project follows a five-step process:

  1. A bright idea: we come up with a bright idea for a project that meets our objectives of tackling social isolation or giving a voice to marginalised groups. Often the idea will tackle a social issue that one of the team has long been passionate about (like Jude’s Give Us a Break initiative).
  2. Securing funding: this involves developing a sound project plan and identifying the people and resources that will make the idea happen. Funding for the pilot might include a mixture of charitable grants, corporate sponsorship and even personal fundraising efforts.
  3. Pilot project: once we have secured seed funding, we move on to setting up a pilot project. The pilot is designed to test the idea and lay the groundwork for a wider rollout in the future.
  4. Evaluation: we evaluate the pilot project to learn what went well and what could be improved.
  5. Long-term planning: our aim is to convert the pilot project into a long-term initiative with sustainable funding sources. The right approach will vary from project to project but it could involve rolling out and continuing to manage it ourselves or teaming up with other organisations.